Understanding this postcard

Gorlice 19.8.41

My dear and precious children!

This week I didn’t have any post from you and I hope that you are well and that you are healthy, I received the package from you and the receipt

From Lublin came the transferred —- TORN —

Maybe next week —-

I thank you again —–

Care, my joy was ——

Very great. It cannot be [described?]—-

Will you ? —–

Thank you many times —

A package? Please send only coffee and tea, with it they will have something to drink for some time, great pleasure, I talked to Aunt Sure and she told me that she does not ask her daughter to send her any money as she is very happy with the package that her daughter sends her and there were only good things in that package and she was very happy. She sends you her regards and you may write to Aunt Erna, too, it really is a shame that you never write her, her address is Brezsko Jadowniki 702, I haven’t written to the HIAS [Hebrew Immigrant Society, Jewish American charitable organization that that tried to rescue Jews] as I haven’t had any time, maybe you can renew the Affidawits for me, have you had news from Idel? Are they really going? I am fine and also healthy, remain greeted and kissed

Upside down:

A 1000 x from you Mother