Understanding this postcard

Gorlice, 20.8.41

My dear and precious children. I received your lovely letter from 7/20 this week and cannot describe to you, my dear children, the joy about that you are well, business-wise and health-wise and may God grant me to hear only good things from you and that you may always be fine, I haven’t received the latest 50 Zloty that you transferred and haven’t got any receipt from the bank either, it should have arrived long ago, hopefully it will still come, I also worry about the package and that you cannot send any anymore, other people still receive them via Portugal, if you could try to send one I would be most thankful because I knew that I had food for the next weeks, 50 Zloty are spent so quickly, but of course it is better than nothing, about Idel, I am very happy that he got the visa,zu Masel [fortunately], may God give that he can leave soon and may God give that I will be able to go soon too, as for Fanny she will probably have her baby this month, hopefully your turn will come soon too mit masel [with a bit of luck] may we be together soon I wrote you some times that I cannot send you any pictures but you could send me one, I can receive them, [If I cannot get the visa (?)], I moved into a new room in the same street, Nr 4 at Friedmans, if you write use the new address, hopefully I will be able to move to you soon, Aunt Erna isn’t well, maybe Berthel or Fanny can help. Remain

Upside down:

Quite sincerely greeted and kissed a 1000x

I am healthy and hope to hear only good things from you, yours Mama