Understanding this postcard

Gorlice, 29.8.41

My dear a precious children! I received your letter from 8/1 including 4 pictures and you can imagine how happy I was, I can tell you that I am reading and watching the letters and pictures x times an hour, it feels like I am actually talking to you, the photos don’t capture you too well though and hopefully normally they are better, my dear Georg has his mouth open, God forbid a fly might enterbut he looks quite posh with his American suit, and you dear Marele, you look thin and delicate as always, why do you tell me that you look good, after all I can barely see you anyway I wish you all the best also to your dear Grimpele [sweety], and only health and good Parnuse [living] I pray day and night for you, your storage and the car, I am very happy and that you have your own store and home and that you don’t have to hang around strange peoples’ houses and that you can be your own masters, I am very happy about it and it is my only joy and may God give me that I can be with you quite soon, this is my only wish, I am very happy that you can do something about the Affidavits and hopefully it will be more effective once they will be dealt with in Washington and I hope that you will have much joy in your further lives and that I may take pleasure in what I hear from you, I haven’t received the latest 50 Zloty that you sent me, maybe you can complain about it or maybe it is an error as I don’t know at all when you sent it you only wrote that you sent it 10 days ago and I haven’t received anything since, maybe you can still send a food package via Portugal or worn out clothes no matter what kind, men’s or women’s clothes, nothing fancy, for your aunt, as I still have something to wear thank God and I am fine and healthy,

Remain sincerely

Upside down

Greeted and kissed a 1000x from you Mama