Understanding this postcard


Gorlice, 15.7.41

My dear a precious children!

I received your lovely letter from 6/12 and you can only imagine how happy I was as I haven’t had any mail from you for 6 weeks and suddenly the landlady came in and brought us your letter and I was so happy that I kissed her, I am so pleased and full of joy that you, my precious and beloved children are doing well for which I am praying day and night before our dear lord God that it may be good and that I will hear only good things from you and that we may be satisfied with what we have, my dear children I was very happy to hear about the presents that you are giving to each other, may you use everything happily, may you be able to buy for yourselves all good things and may I be able to be with you soon, my apologies to my dear Georg that I did not send him my wishes for his birthday on time because I wasn’t entirely sure about the date, I asked several times but never got an answer, so my dear Georg I wish you the very best to your birthday, many belated greetings, may God give until 120 with your beloved Marele with health and with all good and that I may be able to send you my congratulations to a son and heir soon and lots of joy. I am worried about Idel, hopefully there will come a time soon that we can be together. Please only send me a parcel, nothing

Upside down:

else. Remain quite sincerely greeted and kissed from Mama