Understanding this postcard

July 2, 1941

My dear and precious children,

Four weeks have now passed, without a letter from you and can you imagine how hurt I am about this, hopefully you are alive and well, how are you my dear and precious children, business-wise and health-wise I hope only for the best, I am good so far and you do not have to worry about me, because I am thank God healthy and hope that the same is true for you, what other good things are happening with you? Have you received mail from your dear parents and are they able to journey onward have you received mail from Elsa [Elsa Broder-Sternreich? = Michael Stern’s father’s sister – see PDF Yad Vashem], write to Fanny a. Berthel how are they maybe they can send Aunt Erna a food package because it is needed with the dear children I have not heard from you for 4 weeks, hopefully they are healthy and from Ryfke I have also received little mail since Easter they have not written anything and I am continually writing please God I shall hear good from them, Erna’s address although I have already sent it you several times Brezsko Jadowniki No. 702, Aunt Sure [relation to Sara Spira?] has told me that she received the food package as well as the transferred 50 Zloty through North Lloyd and she also requests that you please send her a food package with coffee and tea if you can she would be very grateful to you you should tell her children that she does not require anything else and you should thank them very much on behalf of their aunt and she sends you best wishes and kisses 1000x and more for everyone, why don’t you send us some pictures, you have promised us several times I miss you so much, this way I can at least see what you look like now. Other than that nothing new but that I send my sincere regards and kisses from your always grateful mother.

On left margin: “Also to Martha.”

Martha was Georg Sternreich’s sister (Michael Stern, email communication 1/13/16)