Understanding this postcard


July 5, 1940

Krakow, 5-7-40

My dear children,

This May and June I have until now not received any mail at all from you my dear ones, I only hope that you are alive and well, you wrote me that you wanted to transfer 50 Zloty to me, unfortunately I have not received anything until today hopefully it will come fairly soon because we intend perhaps to travel to Gorlice fairly soon so I would like for it to arrive before we depart, although I am not yet certain about it but more likely yes than no when we will know it for certain I will immediately write you then my dear children I am so happy that you are well and may God only grant me to hear the best from you my dear ones and much nakhes[parental delight] tomorrow please God on July 6 it will have been to good luck 2 years that you have been married [may it be] until 120. Only I should have much joy from you and we should soon be together already then I will be able to give you a mazel tov, there is a mazel tov for all of us because Uncle Leibisch’s Maritsche [Mary] has married Becker Schaichets son who was in Lepizig. Could be the one who was in your class but I am not sure which one, since he did not give me the name, anyway together with you at abris with everything good and only health and it shall be only joyous occasions [simches, i.e., lifecycle celebrations – weddings, etc.]for all Jews but for us as well in any case he has stayed at home with his family still, God willing it should be good for all of us but we should only meet each other on joyous occasions in ? the aunt spoke with Else and told her about you that everything is very good with you, and Else stayed with her family at home as well, she wrote to Uncle Wilhelm that she has not received mail from Willie for 2 months, she thinks that the parents might return to Belgium again


since many have gone back there. Other than that my dear ones what else is going on with you hopefully you are all healthy I only hope that it is going well for you, business-wise

S. Spira Krakau Wrzesiniska 3

? now during the vacation time everything is quieter isn’t it please write everything that you know because you can’t imagine how much everything interests me regarding the return receipts you should always include them because when they are placed [in the letter, the letter] actually arrives, it is also convenient for me unless it is inconvenient for you, how are you dear Marele and how is the dear birthday child I really forgot you have to forgive me, it is certainly not because of sloppiness but because of patience (??) but don’t forget the annual memorial ceremony [overwritten with another word?] of our blessed Papa on Tammuz 21 we are doing well so far please write to me what Bubi has written to you that they also have misfortune I know as well but unfortunately I cannot help them much.