Understanding this postcard


Krakow 5-7-40

Little children

not get my love this May and June no mail from you, only I hope that you give me healthy and only perk are, you have written to me that you want me to transfer 50 zloty unfortunately have to date received nothing hopefully it comes soon because we might intend shortly to go to Gorlice so I would like it even before we go here ARRIVES, although I know it has not yet been determined but likely yes as no if we are already on determined to know so I will write you the same dan my dear children I am very pleased that you are doing well my God grant only the best of you to hear my friends only quite a lot Naches tomorrow God willing on 6/7 there are Masel two years as you are married to 120. only I should of you have quite a lot of fun and we are only soon beisamen already may be dan kan give you a Maseltow, komt us all a Maseltow uncle Leibisch ‘Maritsche has married with Becker Schaichets son in Leipz.war. Kan might be the zusamen with you in a Klase I went but do not point which he did not tell me the name, jedenfals? with you on a Bris with alen good only with healthy only it should be Simches at all Jews only with us also jedenfals he remained still at home with his family would God want us all to be already good only we are to come together only on Simches in ? aunt spoke with Else and has those of you tells that about you ausberufen well as the Else with family remained even at home, you wrote to Uncle Wilhelm they been 2 months had no post of Willi thinks just before they the parents might be back to Belgium

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back komen but many are swept back. Otherwise my friends what else is with you hope you are my only hope only healthy that you are doing well, business.

S. Spira Krakau Wrzesiniska 3

Lich? is from now on in the holiday season there is yet imer quiet with you, please just write all the her wist like I care about all because of the könt the reply slips her imer which enclose whom one which in places it komen also, for me, it is practically also it makes you circumstances, how are you love Marele as well as the love birthday boy I really forget you have to forgive me the non betimmt from Schludrichkeit only patience (??) do not forget but the year of (another word about it written?) sel. Papa on 21 Tammuz most us it goes well so far, please write to me what you wrote the Bubi, they are also the Zores I know well but I kan which unfortunately does not help much.

At the beginning of the letter reversed:

I’m not at home or it concerns us insofar Good. I hope to hear the same from you. Stay? healthy?

In the middle of the letter reversed:

First line: illegible

Second line: You can always on? more? write.