Understanding this postcard

Gorlice, July 9, 1941

My dear a[nd] precious children!

Unfortunately already 5 weeks have passed and I have received no mail from you my dear and precious ones and I hope that you are alive and well what I can tell you about myself is that I am good so far and that you need not worry about me, what good things are you doing, how is the business and family life what are dear Georg and dear Marele tomorrow God willing on the 10th it will be 3 years – until 120 [may you live] – that you got married and still no [male] heir I shall hope that one will come soon you have promised me pictures of yourselves my dear children but I have not received any until now I await them with longing because I want to see you at least in a picture if you have changed in the meantime, how is dear Martha, why does she never write me what do the dear parents write hopefully have you received mail from Else again, when you want to send something again then please only coffee and tea and cocoa and nothing else have you written to Aunt Erna I have not received any mail from them for a while from them I don’t know what to think same with Ryfke also nothing I write and they do not answer other than that nothing new other than that

Upsdie down:

I send loving regards and kisses 1000x yours, Mother