Understanding this postcard

Gorlice, October 10, 1941

My dear and precious children!

Above all you should have everything good that you prayed for, I wish you a healthy and joyous new year, good livelihood andeverything good and a healthy, strapping baby and speedy deliverance that I may soon be together with you and celebrate with you joyfully, how my dear ones have you spent the holidays hopefully well how is your health and the business I hope for the best so far I am well and thank God I am healthy and hope to hear the same from you I have not yet received the transferred 60 Zloty because it was first sent from Berlin through the bank to Warsaw and I hope to receive it soon these days it has taken long enough for the response to arrive but it will come Mrs. Bein has also received wire transfers from her son and also 1[?] package tea via Portugal as a letter hopefully your food package will also arrive, hopefully you have received the permit I shall hope yes, my dear Marele I completely forgot your birthday will soon be upon us, I wish you that you should experience with your dear Georg 120 with health and good livelihood and you should have from everything good, I congratulate you in advance hopefully my card will arrive on time but I doubt it I mean well and will also think on your birthday unfortunately I cannot take part maybe it will arrive.

Upside down:

Loving regards and kisses 100 000 X yours, Mama

On the side:

Do make yourselves ______ without me? (maybe a sort of food?) ?