Understanding this postcard

Gorlice, 16.10.41

My dear and precious children!

Before all things, have a quite good and healthy new year, good Parnuse [living], then, I send you my congratulations to your birthday my precious child, all the best for you and may God give until 120, that you may grow older joyfully together with your dear Georg and be happy together with him and soon with a healthy and bouncing son and heir and I shall be with you soon and be happy with all my children, [?], naches [parental delight], [?], don’t worry if you will not receive post from me soon as I cannot send you any airmail right now only regular mail which takes a bit longer, don’t think about it and don’t mind as I am well t.G. [thank God] and am healthy only the connection is bad, may God give that the war will be over soon and that we can all be together joyfully,Amen. Then, my dear children I received your letter on Schabes [Shabat, Saturday], from the 9/18 with two reply coupons for which I thank you very much and I am very happy that you received my mail and I was happy that you had visitors for Jantef [Yom Tov, holiday] , I hope I will receive the 60 Zloty that you sent me via the bank in the next days it has taken a long time already but it will sure come, if only the food package would arrive, did you send it yourself or through a company via Portugal? One can also send 1 pound parcels like letters, don’t worry about the old clothes, Aunt Sure still has something to wear but you could send her worn out clothes for her husband as he needs some things even women’s clothes, I am very worried about Idel, did you send a letter to Zanike?, she hasn’t had any letter from you yet.

Remain sincerely

Upside down:

Greeted and kissed from your always thankful Mama

On the side:

Lots of luck!