Understanding this postcard

Gorlice, 30.9.41

My dear and precious children!

I received your letter from 9/2 and I cannot describe to you the joy I felt over receiving such a lovely letter from you after three weeks, I cried from joy, dear Marele you do not have to worry about me and my apartment and you don’t have to have headaches about it either because I and Zamike changed apartments very gladly, we are using the kitchen together anyway and I only go there for sleeping, Zamike’s address is Koseinszko 43. She hasn’t heard from you – you wrote in your letter that you would write her an extra letter, you could have just attached the letter for her to mine so not to have double expenses. For Jantef [YomTov, holiday]each of us got food package from Uncle Leibisch, he never forgets us and shall never get in trouble for this, I haven’t received the last 50 Zloty via Nord Loyd, the last 50 Zl I got were from 6/28/41. Now I don’t know whether this was the last or the second last order, I filled in a receipt over the 60 Zloty that you transferred via the Deutsche Bank and sent it to Berlin on 9/10 but didn’t get any money from them until today. Hopefully it will arrive soon. If you would only be allowed to send me a food package via Portugal, I’d very much prefer the food over a money transfer as with food I know for sure that I will have enough to eat for some time. Hopefully it will work but don’t worry about me I haven’t starved so far thank God I still feel young and agile and can do any work thank God, again I wish you a quite good and happy new year, may everything happen as you wish, I may take pleasure in hearing from you, health and good Parnuse [good living] and you may hear only good things from me, too, and may God give you a son and heir quite soon, and that I shall be with you quite soon, all the best, sadly I haven’t had any post from Ryfke a Bubi, they have some

Upside down:

Zores [trouble]. Remain most sincerely greeted and kissed a 1000x

Many thanks for Georg’s words (?)